Keith Amemiya, Class of 1999
Executive Director,
Hawaii High School Athletic Association

The Pacific Century Fellows program introduced me to a diverse cross-section of high-achieving young leaders who all want to make a positive impact on our community. Indeed, participating in the Fellows Program reinforced my commitment to give back to the community by helping to provide our youth with the values and skills necessary for success in their adult lives.

Lee Cataluna, Class of 1997
Columnist with the Honolulu Advertiser, Playwright
A year spent in the Pacific Century Fellows program is a great way to take your understanding of the dynamics and challenges of community to a whole new level.

Kalani English, Class of 2000
Hawaii State Senator
The Pacific Century Fellows program will always standout as one of the highlights of my life. Without a doubt I have become a better public servant because of it.

Timothy Johns, Class of 1997
COO, Estate of Samuel Mills Damon
Former Chairperson, State Dept. of Land and Natural Resources
The Pacific Century Fellows program taught me many things about our community, and more importantly it taught me many things about myself. The various presentations deepened my understanding of our community, and the interaction with the other fellows truly broadened my horizons. Participation in the program made all of us better citizens, better community members and better leaders.

Gina Mangieri, Class of 2000
Editor, Pacific Business News
Pacific Century Fellows was an excellent way for me to become better acquainted with the issues and trends facing Hawaii businesses, leaders and our community. The network of participants has allowed me to forge lasting friendships with professionals in all fields. PCF is truly a remarkable experience.

Debbie Kim Morikawa, Class of 1997
Vice President-Programs, Lanakila
The impact of the PCF program extends far beyond just leadership development. I now have a greater understanding of the multiple issues that affect our State and our communities, and have gained valuable resources and priceless friendships. Becoming a Pacific Century Fellow has been one of the most rewarding and positive experiences of both my professional and personal life.

Scott Seu, Class of 2002
Environmental Department Manager, HECO
I applied to the Pacific Century Fellows Program because I saw the tremendous value it provided to my wife, class of 1999. Every time Carrie came home from a PCF event, she raved about gaining top-level insights on issues facing Hawaii and building invaluable relationships with her PCF classmates. I feel very fortunate that I was able to share these same experiences, and I truly believe that no matter what a person’s knowledge base is, they will benefit from this program.

Dr. Laurie Tom, Class of 1998
Endocrinologist, Private Practice
My tenure as a Pacific Century Fellow was well worth the time and effort I spent outside my medical practice. It was simply the best experience I’ve had in understanding and appreciating Hawaii’s most critical issues.

Jojo Watumull, Class of 2000
General Manager, American T-shirt Company
The Pacific Century Fellows Program exposed me to learning sessions that I would never be able to experience with any other group or affiliation. I never dreamed I would learn so much about Hawaii. I equate the program to be like drinking from a fire hose.